Ringing the Changes

Ringing the Changes

Counterpath Press 2020
Using Electricity Series

"This may seem like a conceptual book of code-generated variational literature, but it is also a book about fids; fids are ancient nautical tools for splicing threads, for weaving resilient patterns, for coding matter, for inhabiting information, for slowing down again and again shards and fragments of the infinite embodied. Contemplate this book as you would a rope woven from data, from minds, from math, from love."

— David Jhave Johnston

"Stephanie Strickland's Ringing the Changes takes as its master metaphor the embodied practices of English bell ringing, in which seven different bells are rung in highly organized permutations that are mathematically precise. Her "ringing" then creates hypertextual juxtapositions citing passages from works on mathematics, particle physics, computational theory, environmental awareness, and the science and art of bell ringing (among many other topics) to gesture toward the larger changes that the new millennium is bringing about . . . a rich medley of changes in the ways we think about what being human means, both in traditional and contemporary contexts.

— N. Katherine Hayles, author of Unthought: The Power of the Cognitive Nonconscious