Sea and Spar Between

Imagine the combined corpus of Emily Dickinson's poems and Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. The spaciousness of Dickinson's dashes – "you—too—" – merging with the oceanic churning of Melville's prose – "leagueless sing and steep." Stanzas assembled from words common to both and unique to each. As many stanzas as there are fish in the sea. Fast-fish, loose-fish, nailed to the desk or nailed to the mast, "dash on / for pauseless is the sea." The sparsity of two systems loosely coupled creates a vast verse-scape, settled at widely spaced intervals, chartable by longitude and latitude, navigable by keystroke, mouse-click, or scroll-wheel. The source code comments are prose of beauty and the minimal variable strings return rhythms, generate whole gestures. "listen now / then blameless is the sea."

— JR Carpenter, MCD (Musiques et Cultures Digitales) issue dedicated to electronic literature, edited by Emmanuel Guez, 2012