True North Hypertext

Order from Eastgate Systems

Winner of the Salt Hill Hypertext Prize

“Strickland’s poems meditate on the mystery of numbers and the embedded links that connect embodied experience with universal abstraction. Not to be missed...a major new poet.”

— N. Katherine Hayles

“A quintessentially American piece. The poetry is arresting, to eye and mind. Here is a perception of the world filtered through the lenses of contemporary science, but with such an elegant, incisive way of rendering...more concretely now, I found myself linking on rereading individual poems. What I found is that no matter which way I did this, I had a feeling that the rhythm of Strickland’s changes – in register, topos, theme, style – was congruent with my linkages. Strickland has made some sort of a membrane maybe rather than a network...a wetware not a digital software...a wonderful object.”

— Paul Harris