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Exchange On Stephanie Strickland's How the Universe Is Made: Poems New & Selected, 1985-2019 and Ringing the Changes
with Ian Hatcher, January 1, 2021
Dichtung Yammer

Stephanie Strickland “Late to the Party”
from Chapter One: On Becoming a Poet, Marsh Hawk Press, April 2020

Stephanie Strickland | Interviews from Yale University Radio
with Brainard Carey, April 12, 2019
Praxis Interview Magazine on Yale Radio WYBCX

TtD supplement #122 : seven questions for Stephanie Strickland
Touch the Donkey (2018)

Loss of Hover: Recreating Shockwave Vniverse as an App for iPad
with Ian Hatcher
Prezeglad Kulturoznawczy 3|33| 2017, Jagiellonian University, Poland, 2018

Axolotls and Perfume Bottles
Talk given at ELO 2017 in Porto, Portugal and SLSA 2017 in Tempe, Arizona
ELMCIP entry | Slides (PPT download) | Presentation script (PDF)

The Death and Re-Distribution of V
#WomenTechLit, ed. Maria Mencia, Computing Literature, Morgantown, WV, 2017
The N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature 2nd Place
The Death and Re-Distribution of V (PDF)

The CounterText Interview: Stephanie Strickland
Stephanie Strickland, Mario Aquilina, and Ivan Callus
CounterText 2.2 (2016): 113–129

setInterval() Conversation Series 7: Stephanie Strickland “Against the Grain”
Interview with Álvaro Seiça, November 2015
Interview primarily concerns slippingglimpse; additional remarks by Chris Funkhouser and Ian Hatcher
Audio | Transcript

Joined at the Hip: Simone Weil, Quentin Meillassoux
Religion & Literature 45.3 Autumn 2013 (appeared March 2015)

CTRL+SHIFT: Writing practice at the dawn of the digital era
Interview with Devin Becker, May 2014
Data on the practices of 11 poets analyzed and shared by Devin Becker, Corey Oglesby, and Lauren Westerfield
Project site | Strickland audio | Strickland transcript

Chant de la Sirene
Interview with Laura Hinton: Stephanie Strickland Speaks about her V Multi-Media Poetry Project (Internet Archive)

likewise audio: Dragon Logic
Interview with Kylan Rice
episode 11; click Download (MP3) (Internet Archive)

TransPoetica: Works by Stephanie Strickland
innovative experiments with poetic structure and media

Dragon Logic: One of 2013's Best at Hyperallergic
"a visionary... book for our new century"

Radio Free Albion: Dragon Logic
Interview with Tony Trigilio

Advanced Women Poets: Books You May Only Be Hearing about Now
2014 blog post by 2013 Best American Poetry Editor

European Poetry Forum
Stephanie Strickland participated in this site, launched in 2013 by Zuzana Husarova and Martin Solotruk.
It is currently not possible to move beyond the front page.

New Books in Literature: Dragon Logic
Interview with Eric LeMay

Spars of Language Lost at Sea with Nick Montfort
Formules 18, 2014
F18Livre_Formules_18.pdf p. 218 (in English)

cut to fit the toolspun course with Nick Montfort
Digital Humanities Quarterly 7.1 2013

Creativity and Writing in Digital Media: New Frontiers and Cutting Edges
with M. D. Coverley
Writing and Pedagogy 4.2 2013

Zone : Zero Interview: Stephanie Strickland with H.L. Hix
The Conversant section of The Volta, October 2012; from Alter Nation: America in Recent Poetry, Recent Poetry in America, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012 (Internet Archive)

Materiality & Immateriality: Interview
Architectures of Possibility, Lance Olsen with Trevor Dodge, Guide Dog Books, Bowie, MD 2012

Collaborations in E-Lit with Nick Montfort
American Book Review, September/October, 2011

A Broken Thing?
A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line, ed. Emily Rosko and Anton Vander Zee, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, IA, 2011

Proto-Collaboration with Potential Collaborator: A Digital Poem In Prospect

Poetry and the Digital World
English Language Notes 47.1 Special Issue: Experimental Literary Education, 2009; reprinted as Poetry & the Digital World in Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics, ed. Louis Armand, Litteraria Pragensia Books, Prague, Czech Republic, 2010

Born Digital Poetry Foundation, 2009

Dovetailing Details Fly Apart&emdash;All Over Again, In Code, In Poetry, In Chreods with Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo
ebr 2007

Quantum Poetics: Six Thoughts
Media Poetry: An International Anthology, ed. Eduardo Kac, Intellect Press, Bristol, UK
Second edition of the book | "Quantum Poetics" chapter (PDF)

Writing the Virtual: Eleven Dimensions of E-Poetry
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, v. 14 issue 5, 2006

Possibilities of Being: Poetry Speaking with Science
Isotope 4.1, Spring-Summer 2006

Vniverse with Cynthia Lawson
New Media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts & Theories, ed. Thomas Swiss and Adalaide Morris, MIT Press, 2006

Moving Through Me as I Move: A Paradigm for Interaction
First Person: New Media as Story, Performance and Game, MIT Press, 2004

Making the Vniverse with Cynthia Lawson
New River, 2003

New Media Literature: A Roundtable Discussion on Aesthetics, Audiences, and Histories
nc 2,, 2003

Approaching New Media Poetry: From Simonides to the Web
Syllabus c. 2002

E-poets on the State of their Electronic Art
Currents in Electronic Literacy 5, Fall 2001 (Internet Archive)

Unpinned Wings: A Print Poet's Flight to Hypertext
Poets & Writers, January/February 2001

Jumpin' at the Diner: A Reader's Guide
Riding the Meridian v.2 issue 2, Winter 2000

Dalí Clocks: Time Dimensions of Hypermedia
ebr 11, Winter 00/01

The Supremely Fictional Importance of Hypertext
American Letters & Commentary #12, 2000

Hypertext, Transposing Media, and Emerging Text Forms Revisited
American Letters & Commentary #12, 2000

Seven Reasons Why SandSoot Is the Way It Is
Proceedings of the Cybermountain Colloquium, Technical Report AUE-CS-99-05, Aalborg University Esbjerg, Computer Science Department, 1999

To Be Both in Touch and in Control
ebr 9, Summer 1999

Seven-League Boots: Poetry, Science, and Hypertext
ebr 7, Summer 1998; also appears in The Measured Word: Essays about Poetry and Science, University of Georgia Press, 2001

Poetry in the Electronic Environment
ebr 5, Spring 1997

Cyberspace and the Land of Oz
FYI, Vol. 11 No. 1, Spring 1995

Electronic Publishing, Poetry and Culture(d) Wars
Small Press: The Magazine of Independent Publishing, Vol. 12, No. 2, Spring 1994