slippingglimpse with Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo and Paul Ryan was first presented at e-Poetry 2007 in Paris. It has since appeared in hyperrhiz: new media cultures no. 4, 2008, at The Electronic Literature Organization 2008 Media Art Show, and at e-Poetry 2009 in Barcelona.

slippingglimpse appears in the Electronic Literature Collection 2, 2011, edited by Laura Borràs, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley, and Brian Kim Stefans. The original slippingglimpse (linked here) used Adobe Flash. We are grateful to the teams from ELO and Washington State University Vancouver who have preserved it using Conifer (linked here).

"The piece de the interactive generative Flash poem slippingglimpse, in which text and video, made by using motion capture coding, combine so as to create a genuinely new and distinctive eco-poetry. Readers/viewers will find themselves totally mesmerized."

— Marjorie Perloff